Want versus Need

I used to think it was important to be needed, both personally and professionally.  And then I actually lived it…being needed at work and being needed in a romantic relationship.  Guess what?!? Being needed sucks.  Hard. Being constantly needed creates a lot of unnecessary and unwarranted stress.  Being constantly needed requires you to take on responsibilities … More Want versus Need

40 Before 40

In just 10 months, I will be achieving a huge milestone in my life – the BIG 4-0!  I know, so many people cringe at the thought.  But I fully embrace every birthday.  Y’all, I’ve almost made it 40 years!!!  I’ve survived the crazy things life has thrown at me… some gracefully and some by … More 40 Before 40

Mamacita & Snail Night

Many of you have heard me mention how closely my oldest child and my best friend from high school resemble each other… and yet another similarity… the attempt at Spanish when addressing someone… namely me (although bestie does this with other peeps too, I’m sure).  Angela refers to many of us as “chica.”  Abby, for … More Mamacita & Snail Night

Weathering the Storms – Safety, Stuff and Souls

Sunday night, our area experienced some unusual severe weather… confirmed tornadoes…in November?!?  For the first night after “falling back,” the evening darkness fell early.  We had rain off and on throughout the day.  Heavy at times.  But, as I was hanging out in the kitchen, singing along to White Christmas, Blue Christmas and Santa Baby, Greg Fishel, started telling … More Weathering the Storms – Safety, Stuff and Souls

Happy Halloween 2017

I loved Halloween as a kid.  Choosing just the right costume.  Parades at school.  And, of course, the candy. I fully expected to love Halloween even more when I had kids.  I mean, what’s not to love?  More costumes.  More parades.  And more candy.  Except, those fun things would morph into unnecessary and dreaded stress.  … More Happy Halloween 2017

Some Days Take Effort

Failure has always been a struggle for me.  Not because I think I’m perfect at everything.  And not because I think I deserve all the success the world has to offer.  Just because I’ve never been good at accepting failure as a learning experience.  Instead, I tend to frame it as an utter defeat and … More Some Days Take Effort

Unmasking Ourselves

“Are you doing ok?” “Oh yes, I’m fine.” I’ve lived in the “I’m fine” zone for a very long time.  For me, “I’m fine” became the proper response.  Not because I was fine, but because I was expected to be fine.  At least, that’s what I thought.  I thought that as a child when we moved and … More Unmasking Ourselves