My One Word 2019

I’ve been selecting a word as my focus for the past few years (2018 self; 2017 legacy; 2016 joy).  I’ve been contemplating my 2019 word for a few months.  So many words come to mind, but it can be challenging to select a single worthy of focus throughout the year that will add value to my life and … More My One Word 2019

Pumpkin Maple Pie

It’s almost Halloween.  The past few days and the next few (in NWPA) are cold and rainy.  Fall is in full swing, although I’m admittedly disappointed in the lack of vibrant colors in the trees this year. Life has been crazy lately (re: our family calendar looks like a bag of Skittles because everyone has … More Pumpkin Maple Pie

Making Papaw Proud

I’ve always had a passion for politics.  I blame (or thank) my dad.  And even though we joke around about me becoming a political disappointment for him (re: he’s a lifelong Republican and I am a registered Democrat raising my children with a liberal slant), we have a mutual respect for each other’s political views.  … More Making Papaw Proud