Until we meet again

I began my blogging journey over a decade ago. I was a very different person all those years ago. My blog has been an a creative outlet, a form of therapy, a treasury of memories and a place where others have sought comfort, humor and inspiration. As so much of who I am has blossomed … More Until we meet again


And then

They said she wasn’t pretty and she believed them. They said she wasn’t smart and she believed them. They said she wasn’t kind and she believed them. They said she wasn’t worthy and she believed them. And then… she saw her own beauty through the eyes of her children and she IS pretty. And then…she … More And then

Full disclosure

There are a lot of critics of social media, in general, because so many things about it just aren’t real. While I fully acknowledge there is a lot out there that isn’t genuine, I’m also here to tell you some of us are pretty darn honest on social media…sometimes to a fault. My honesty isn’t … More Full disclosure

How far we’ve come

Easter Sunday marked two years. Two years since our family dynamic changed. Two years since I began to learn who I really was. Two years since my children began to blossom into their fearless selves. Two years since we hit the restart button, hard. Full disclosure, Jeb and Katie don’t really know “the date.” They … More How far we’ve come