Pumpkin Maple Pie

It’s almost Halloween.  The past few days and the next few (in NWPA) are cold and rainy.  Fall is in full swing, although I’m admittedly disappointed in the lack of vibrant colors in the trees this year. Life has been crazy lately (re: our family calendar looks like a bag of Skittles because everyone has … More Pumpkin Maple Pie

Making Papaw Proud

I’ve always had a passion for politics.  I blame (or thank) my dad.  And even though we joke around about me becoming a political disappointment for him (re: he’s a lifelong Republican and I am a registered Democrat raising my children with a liberal slant), we have a mutual respect for each other’s political views.  … More Making Papaw Proud

Falling Into Life | Chapter 02: The Morning After

Emma drove a full thirteen hours straight.  Thirt. teen. hours. She was exhausted.  The children and Snoopy were beyond restless.  It was officially time to stop.  Looking around, Emma wasn’t certain if this would be a pit stop or a permanent end to their journey.  Eh, she could decide that later. It was just past … More Falling Into Life | Chapter 02: The Morning After

Priceless Ink

Tattoos often generate a visceral response… deep aversion or deep adoration.  I’m always curious about the meaning or catalyst behind other people’s tattoos.  So here’s some insight into mine… When I chose my first two tattoos (November 2007), I spent nearly six months deciding on exactly what I wanted.  I was going through a challenging … More Priceless Ink