Letting Life Happen

For decades, I allowed my struggles with anxiety, depression, people-pleasing, perfectionism, control issues to define who I was as a person.  I’m certain God tried many, many times to get inside my head and redirect me.  And I’m just as certain that I was too stubborn, too controlling and too human to pay attention.  Somehow, we … More Letting Life Happen

Summer Goals

As Abby prepares to enter high school, she’s facing some real-life decisions for herself.  Decisions that may or may not have a long-lasting impact on her life.  That may sound overstated, but it really isn’t. This is likely her last “free” summer… “free” meaning unemployed.  (I’m not counting babysitting gigs as employment when they are … More Summer Goals

The “Dip”

Hello.  My name is Phyllis and, well, I bite my nails.  There.  I said it.  The secret is out. I’ve been a nail nibbler since childhood.  My mother tried all sorts of things to stop me… bribery, awful tasting polish, pretty polish… but I continued my nibbles.  My habit is less dramatic as an adult.  … More The “Dip”