The Day I Met Dr. Pepper

First, let me say, this was a one of a kind experience but it was not refreshing in the least.

Kids are amazing little creatures.  They can wake up at 7am without a fever.  And, by 9:30, they can have a fever of over 102.  Trust me on this.  They can.  How do I know?  My littlest princess did just that today.  Having just survived the hand-foot-mouth outbreak of 2013, the hubby was quick to begin administering alternating doses of Motrin and Tylenol every 3 hours.  (Let me just say, thank you to the pediatrician I saw with Jeb during the h-f-m fiasco because she hooked me up with a wonderful little chart listing the various medicine concentrations available OTC and the correct dose from birth-teen.  She ROCKS!)  After 4 hours, a dose of Motrin and a dose of Tylenol, Katie’s fever spiked to 104 and she became very lethargic.  And off to the doctor we go.

As parents, Mike and I tend to share the really crappy parenting duties,  The sharing isn’t always intentional… like when I had to travel for work and Mike was home with a sick preschooler who had strep throat and then Scarlet Fever (blood work, strep test).  Or, when Abby’s elbow became dislocated and I was with her in the ER at WakeMed as the doctor “popped” it back in.  There have been plenty of other less than awesome moments, but I think today may put me ahead, for now…


The doctor walks in and introduces himself (I love our pediatric office, but there are tons of docs and there are still some we’ve never seen), “Hi, I’m Dr. Pepper.”  I’m a grown woman and it took some restraint not to giggle.  Even though my toddler was on my lap, burning up with fever.  Seriously?  Dr. Pepper?  Anyway, he was great and I loved that his approach for stuff like this (with no obvious symptoms or red flags other than a fever) is to try everything instead of treating for one thing, coming back tomorrow and treating for something else and so on.  I had no idea what trying everything really meant.

Wanna know how to make my toddler NOT like you?  Help hold her down while they insert a catheter to obtain a urine sample.  Yeah, you read that right.  And that was the first thing.  Next was two nose swabs – flu and RSV.  The nurse that helped with the catheter came back to help with the nose swabs.  Katie totally remembered her and totally didn’t want to be anywhere near her.  Thankfully, she let me hold her down without too much of a fight.  Finally, we had to go through a finger prick for a blood panel.  Poor Katie fell asleep in my arms while we waited for all of test results.

Thankfully, everything came back normal.  So, Dr. Pepper (’cause that is just fun to type) thinks we’re just battling a virus.  Katie’s instructions are to drink plenty of fluids and eat when she feels like it.  That was probably one of the hardest hours I’ve spent as a mom.  Yet, I know it’s nothing compared to the agony so many parents face as their kids are receiving medical treatments for all sorts of unmentionable things.

And, I’m happy to report that my littlest princess caught her second wind tonight while I was feeding her baby brother his dinner.  She decided to eat for herself and re-hydrate with some homemade decaf sweet tea.  Then, she asked to take a bath with Jeb because she wanted to help.  That’s my Katie.


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