Facing Giants

I had a friend, once.  We were really close, once.  We supported each other, once. Then, I made a decision for my own life that she didn’t agree with.  (<–HUGE understatement, but I really don’t want to go there.)  There was judgement.  There was pain.  There were hurt feelings.  Then, there was silence.

It has been nearly 5 years since the silence began.  Now, the silence has been replaced with a dull static, more often off than on.  And, in those brief moments of static, I worry.  Deep down, I worry that the judgement she placed on me, the arrogance she had toward my own life and situation has now come full circle.  I worry that she’s facing some giants that she just isn’t equipped to face.  Or, more accurately, giants she isn’t willing to acknowledge.


4 thoughts on “Facing Giants

  1. It’s always easy to believe that “you” would never make that kind of choice when you’re looking in from the cloudy outside. No one, I mean no one, can ever truly know the situation, even if you have bent their ear with all the bad. All that you can do is remember how that felt for you and try not to do it to her, or others in return. It’s hard to know a “friend” is hurting even when they aren’t your “friend”‘anymore. Thanks for your friendship to me even when I’ve made decisions I bet you’re silently shaking your head about, but yet still encouraging me along the way!

  2. That’s actually beautiful of you to consider her potential current hardships. Very rarely in my life I have either written off or been written off by a friend in dramatic fashion…but in those few cases, when the static appears, I worry more about how they’re going to make me feel worse, again – not how I might need to help them. :-/

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