I’m an Apple Girl at Heart

When I was 5, “Santa” brought me a computer.  (The fact that I’m 35 makes me totally appreciate how AWESOME Santa was that year.)  The computer?  An Apple IIc.  For those of you too young to remember, everyone didn’t have computers in the classroom back in the day, although I do remember a typewriter in a few of my elementary classrooms.  So, my IIc was a real novelty.  Back then, Apple was nothing like it is today.  We had to go to “The Apple Store” to purchase any software for the computer and the vast majority of things available were educational games.  By the way, “The Apple Store” back then was nothing like the store of today.  Trust me on this.  Nothing.

Logo from 1977 to 1998
Logo from 1977 to 1998

I had that computer through my junior year in high school.  12 years people.  12 freakin’ years.  And I loved it.  But, by the mid-90’s, everything seemed to be PC this and PC that.  So, my upgrade was to a PC.  Ever since, I’ve had a PC at home and/or at work.  Of course, I still salivate over Macbooks, but I just can’t make the jump to pay that much.  Yet.*  About 10 years ago, we made the stellar decision to purchase an e-Machines computer.  If you’ve ever dealt with e-Machines, you know why that was a stellar decision.  Anyway, long story short, a bunch of people got some fancy lawyers and there was a class action lawsuit.  Then, a judgement.  Then, we received an Acer Aspire V5.  Since I didn’t have my own laptop at home, this became mine.  I consider myself pretty savvy when  it comes to using technology.  While I’m not a guru by any means, I can usually get by and figure most things out.  I about died when I booted up my new laptop and realized it had touch-screen technology and was running Windows 8.

After two days of “poke and hope” and googling just about everything I’m trying to do, I’ve come to the realization that I am an Apple girl.  I love that Apple is intuitive.  I love that Apple lends itself to fast and easy customization (for the most part).  I love that Apple is consistent (in my experiences).  I love that Apple gets me and how I think.  I love that Apple lasts and doesn’t require costly and frequent upgrades and fixes that end up causing more problems than the issue(s) being corrected.  Basically, I love Apple.

And, if you’re wondering how I feel about Windows 8… take the previous paragraph and make these minor changes: Apple = Windows 8; love = wish; last sentence + “would just go away.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful to have my own laptop that I’m not sharing with anyone (’cause I’m greedy like that).  I’m totally looking forward to uninterrupted digiscrapping moments.  But, I’m still struggling just to do some basic things that should be so simple.  So easy.  So Apple.

Note: I was not compensated in any way for my opinions about Apple Inc or Apple products.  However, I’d be more than willing to test new products.  I’ve also got three mini-testers too.

*By the way, I’ll be making that jump to a Macbook with my next laptop purchase.  Thank you Windows 8 for pushing me over the edge.


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