We Just Aren’t Fair People

As a native Texan (when born in Texas, you are a native Texan for life and it doesn’t matter how long you lived there, in case you were wondering), I was introduced to fair life at an early age.  (I’m second generation Texan – so the State Fair of Texas was a given.)  I can remember flying into DFW to visit the State Fair of Texas.  (We lived in Illinois back then.)  The State Fair of Texas is a total experience that can’t be matched anywhere else.  And, when the fair ends, Fair Park is always there with plenty to enjoy.

I haven’t been back to the State Fair of Texas as an adult.  My only fair going as an adult has been the NC State Fair.  For all you die-hard NC State Fair fans, I don’t begrudge your love of the fair.  But, yesterday proved we just aren’t fair people.

  • Do we love easy access to all sorts of artery clogging delicacies?  Yes (why else would we have enjoyed a turkey leg, foot long corn dog, fried veggies, deep-fried dough nuggets, deep-fried Oreos, ice cream, chocolate dipped cheesecake, pumpkin fudge, apple pie and cotton candy?)

    Enjoying chocolate dipped cheesecake
    Enjoying chocolate dipped cheesecake
  • Do my kids enjoy riding rides? Sometimes – Abby and Katie loved riding a simple ride together (that Katie was technically too short for), but Abby decided riding the swings was too much for her and wouldn’t ride a single ride after that.  I was crushed that I could not get a good pic of my girls on their first fair ride together.

    A brief pose atop the Funhouse
    A brief pose atop the Funhouse
  • Do we, as city folks, enjoy the smells of agriculture?  Nope.

    Think human hamster wheel
    Think human hamster wheel
  • Do we enjoy walking through clouds of cigarette smoke?  Heck NO!  (I realize people have a right to smoke…but I honestly wish they would have a “smoke free” day at the fair.  I’d be willing to pay extra just to NOT experience second-hand smoke with my kids.)

    Carnie watching
    Carnie watching
  • Do we like loud fair noises?  Nah.  (I’m not sure why Marching Band never bothered me, because it can be really loud…but I’m not a fan of loud noises and neither are my kids.) By the way, the kids didn’t seem too bothered by the Turkey Shoot.  And, Abby was really disappointed there weren’t any actual turkeys there.

    Bang, bang
    Bang, bang
  • Do we enjoy sitting through long lines of traffic just to park really, really far away and end up walking just as much outside of the fair as we do inside?  Not hardly.  Especially not with 3 kids.
  • Do we enjoy waiting in long lines?  Duh.  3 kids?

All that being said, I do think NC has a really good fair.  Even a great fair.  But, I just don’t know that we’re fair people.  We did agree that we will never go back on the weekend again.  And, we’ll be parked and waiting outside when the gates open the next time we go.  But, that still doesn’t address a lot of the other issues.

Next year, I think we’ll just head west and visit the mountains in the fall.  We are Blue Ridge Parkway people 🙂


One thought on “We Just Aren’t Fair People

  1. Yes. We are festival people, but not fair people. Those sketchy rides creep me out. When we went to the Houston Rodeo fair, I felt so sick after the fried crap, it so wasn’t worth it!!!

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