NaBloPoMo and One Million Dollars

November is National Blog Posting Month and I’m trying my hardest hard to write a post every day for 30 days.  While I love blogging, I often struggle to find the time.  But, at least for month of November, I’m taking a no excuses approach.  Every post won’t be prolific and every post won’t contain an epiphany, but every post will be a little window into my life.

November 1

If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money? I knew hearing Barenaked Ladies in the car on the way to work this morning was important.  And yes, you know the song.  I’ve wasted plenty of my adult life dreaming about what I would do with $1,000,000.00.  I’ve even gone the extra mile, on rare occasion, and bought a lottery ticket.  When I say rare, I mean really rare – like a dozen times or less. But, I’ve never thought about what I would do in less than a day.  And, thank goodness Daylight Savings Time hasn’t ended yet – I get a little extra time before nightfall.  So, inquiring minds, right?  You wanna know?  The wait is over… (in no particular order):

  1. ($100,000) Purchase 3 vehicles – a minivan (because with 3 kids, we could totally use a minivan), hubby’s choice (because being a stay-at-home dad means running carpool constantly, but I know Dad would love something of his very own that doesn’t have to fit everyone at the same time), a Jeep Wrangler (I love the idea of a convertible, but I can’t stand being low to the ground in a car – perfect mix)
  2. ($20,000) Pay off our current vehicle – a Jeep Patriot and donate it to someone who could really benefit from a reliable and relatively new car.
  3. ($100,000) Donate to our church’s combined campaign, anonymously.
  4. ($100,000) Tithe to our church.
  5. ($64,000) Purchase lifetime rights to seating for NC State Football and Men’s Basketball (8 seats each… this would allow us to bring up to 3 friends… 3 kids. 3 friends.  Win-win!)
  6. ($10,000) Buy plane tickets and pay for a week-long vacay to Walt Disney World including all the bells and whistles we can stand.  While I’m sure we could get away with spending a lot less, we wouldn’t.  We’d go at Christmas.  We’d stay at our dream hotel.  We’d do all the dreamy stuff we wish we could, but would never do because we couldn’t afford it.
  7. ($256,000) Pay off my parents’ mortgage and purchase new car(s) of their choosing.  If there was money left over, I’d help them buy whatever they wanted before the sun went down… I’m guessing a vacay to Texas would be in order.
  8. ($75,000) Work feverishly to find a new rental home in our desired area and pay all the necessary deposits and pay for movers because I hate packing and moving, but I’d love to move.  I’d also be paying a hefty fee to break our current lease…but with a million bucks, I’d be okay with that.  I would also prepay the new lease for 3 years.  What landlord wouldn’t love me??? Subtotal $725,000
  9. ($75,000) Order new furniture, linens, etc. for nearly our entire house, sans the dining room because our dining room table, chairs and hutch belonged to my hubby’s mother who passed away when he was a kid.  I’m pretty sure I could put a hurtin’ on Ikea, Pottery Barn, Basset and so many other websites.  But, I’d love having stuff that matched 🙂  And, all the stuff we’d be replacing would be donated to people who need it.  Not sold.  Not given to a charity to sell it.  Given to people in need.  It might take time, but I can always rent a storage unit.
  10. ($50,000) Help a friend.
  11. ($150,000) Take the remaining money and go to the Cashier’s Office at NCSU.  I would ask for a list of outstanding tuition balances for current students and I would pay off as many student accounts as I could, anonymously.  I know how hard it can be to pay for a college education.

Do I think I could spend all of it before the sun went down?  Absolutely because technology is my friend.  But, in all honesty, if I really did have one million dollars and I didn’t have to spend it all in one day, my list would look a whole lot different because I’d be setting aside a lot of money for the future… like cars, college and weddings for all 3 kids comes to mind. Blog Her and have joined forces to create and provide writing prompts throughout the month for NaBlogPoMo 2013.


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