Abby’s Song

So, I’m terrible at baby books.  Terrible.  In reality, my blog has been a virtual baby book for a few years.

With each of my kids, I’ve come up with a song to sing to them.  And only them.  I’m not a singer.  I’m just a mommy who enjoys music and this was a way that I could share my love of music and my child at the same time.

Abby’s song wasn’t terribly original.  As a first time mom without any siblings and not many babysitting gigs in recent years, my repertoire was somewhat limited.  But, I was able to come up with something and it stuck.

Abby’s Song – to the tune of Frère Jacques

I love Abby; I love Abby.
Yes I do; Yes I do.
I love her very, very much; I love her very, very much.
So should you; So should you.

Although I sang it to her quite often, I never thought much about it.  Until one day, as a toddler, we heard a sound coming from the backseat.  Abby was singing her song.  There were a few dropped words, but you could identify the tune.  That melted my heart.  I started tearing up on the spot.  To this day, Abby knows her song.  She even sings it for her sister and brother (changing the name, of course).  Apparently, the song is just catchy enough that Katie tries to repeat it and sing it to Jeb at times, all by herself.


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