Favorite Character

November is National Blog Posting Month and I’m trying my hardest hard to write a post every day for 30 days.  While I love blogging, I often struggle to find the time.  But, at least for month of November, I’m taking a no excuses approach.  Every post won’t be prolific and every post won’t contain an epiphany, but every post will be a little window into my life.

November 4
Who is your favorite character of all time?

Most people won’t even recognize my favorite character of all time… Figment.  Around age 5, my parents took me to Walt Disney World and I fell in love with Figment.  My love has never wavered and I still love him today.  Need proof?  This is on my desk at work.


Now that I’m grown, I relish the opportunity to share him with my children.  (Sidenote – when we took Abby when she was 2.5, she was terribly unimpressed 😦 with Figment and that made me a little sad.)  I love what Figment represents – imagination.  And, on a more basic level, I’m pretty sure he caught my eye all those years ago because he’s purple.  You can never discount a girl’s favorite color, right?

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