My Little Monster

For those of you who don’t know, my hubby has one real eye and one glass eye (think A Christmas Story). And, his name is Mike. As a kid, he was often called Mikey.

The irony of Mikey from Monsters, Inc. is not lost on us. (Google it if the irony is lost on you.) Just before Jeb was born, Mike came across some Monsters, Inc. baby toys at Target… and he felt compelled to buy Jeb a couple of Mikeys. Katie calls them “Jeb’s Mikey.” She told me this morning that she wanted to watch Mikey (thank you Disney and Pixar marketing to ensure my child wants to watch virtually everything Disney).

So, I popped the DVD in and she is fascinated, but only with Sulley and Mikey. She seems a little concerned because Sulley is “mad.” But she does keep laughing at times. I have a feeling she might want a Sulley doll to play with Jeb’s Mikey toys.


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