Do you have family traditions? I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic lately and I came to a (sad) conclusion… we really don’t have any. I grew up with traditions in my family, but none that I’ve really continued, unless you count raising dust bunnies and buffalo :-p

Maybe I’m thinking about my own childhood with a little too much nostalgia, but I’d like for my kids to grow up with traditions too.


One thought on “Traditions

  1. Hi, Phyllis, I’m Angie Mc and I’m glad to meet you. One thing that hast heartened me is that my children are older now and they tell me about all the traditions we do have a family, ones that I never intentionally put in place! Like wanting to watch certain movies on certain holidays or eat certain desserts at certain times of the year. I’m amazed when I hear them say to others, “Well our family does it like this…” Who knew?!

    I also did initiate a few traditions and habits. Some stuck, like family movie night. Some didn’t, like math drills. But the main thing is that somehow we’ve grown into a family that I truly enjoy. My very best to you and your beautiful family. Enjoy watching your traditions unfold and I hope you’ll stop by my blog sometime to visit!

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