Jeb’s Song

If you start something with the first kid and continue it with the second, Lord knows you gotta follow through with the third or there will be all kinds of therapy in the years to come.  (Ok, there will probably be therapy anyway, but without this, there would be more.  Amiright?

Jeb’s Song
Goodnight, my little boy.
Sleep tight, my little boy.
The moon is out; no need to fuss or shout.

Goodnight, my little boy.
Sweet dreams, my little boy.
The stars are up above; You are surrounded by our love.

Goodnight, sweet Jeb, I love you.

Listen here. Again, no judging the vocals. I was in band, not chorus 😀


3 thoughts on “Jeb’s Song

  1. You are right about the continuing. Take it from a child who is the youngest of 4. I try to keep that in mind with my two boys as well. It’s not always easy and besides, they are not the same and don’t necessarily need the same things.

  2. You have *GOT* to know what a huge, huge deal these personal songs are. I am so serious. I *AM* a singer, and I never even THOUGHT to do this. Major parenting triumph!!!

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