The More You Have, The Easier It Gets

When we found out we were having Katie, I was comforted by the former friends that told me it wasn’t hard going from one kid to two kids.  Until I found out they were all liars.  How could you do that to a girlfriend?  Build her up knowing that in less than 9 months, she’d have the proverbial wind knocked out of her.  I vowed to never tell that lie and I’m proud to say, I’ve kept that promise.

For me, at least, that jump from one to two was like that scene from movies when some guy is running from another guy along rooftops in Chicago or New York (rowhouses, you get the idea) and the distance of the next jump looks pretty far.  Like really far.  And he jumps.  And he doesn’t quite make it.  Instead, he gets a decent grip along the top of the building and he’s holding on for dear life, scrambling with his legs and feet to gain traction and climb up onto the roof.  Yeah, like that.  Exactly like that.  Scratching, clawing, struggling.

Everything seemed exponentially harder.  Maybe that was because our girls we almost 8 years apart.  Although, I’m not sure I buy that logic.  I think doubling the joy also more than doubled the challenges.  Murphy’s Law on crack.  But, we adjusted and things were good.  And, I was able to get good Christmas card photos each year.  That is one huge bonus of having the girls so far apart.  Abby could corral Katie during the posed candid photo ops.

And then, we were having a third.  Something that immediately caught my attention… most of my friends only have one or two kids.  So, my fountain of info went from large lake to small pond.  But, many of them fessed up to the difficulties from going from one to two, but offered that the challenges from two to three were negligible.  I wasn’t convinced after my last run-in with misinformation 🙂

But, after 7 months with three kids, I’m happy to report that the jump from two to three was sooooo much easier.  I’m sure that isn’t true for everyone, but it has been for me.  Except… when it comes to pics of the kids together.  Strangely enough, I’m can get great pics of Abby with Katie or Jeb.  Or, I can get great pics of Katie and Jeb.  However, I still haven’t mastered the art of getting great pics of Abby and Katie and Jeb.  I’m wondering if they are conspiring against me.  Christmas is less than 5 weeks away and I still haven’t gotten a good pic for our Christmas cards.  I’m determined to get at least one.  I’m beyond the matchy-matchy. I’d settle for all three faces looking in the general direction of the camera with semi-open eyes.  Smiles are optional at this point.

So if you don’t receive your Christmas card in the mail before Christmas, you’ll know why…


4 thoughts on “The More You Have, The Easier It Gets

  1. I may have been one of those faux liars 😉 b/c going from one to two was a breeze for us, but 1) Will & Annelise are only 20 months apart, so I was still in the baby groove like you are now going from Katie to Jeb; 2) Annelise was just an easier baby than Will, esp. sleep-wise; and 3) I felt so much more confident in my parenting with her. With Will, everything was 1st time & felt so high stakes; with her, I was much more relaxed. You are actually my *only* friend with more than two who has said one to two was harder than two to three. Two to three almost sunk every single other one of my friends – so much so that it made me feel better that JB absolutely doesn’t want any more! (I’m ok either way. :-)) I’m so glad this has been an easier transition!!!!! Those other moms-of-more-than-two also confirm your post title, though, too: once you can handle three, go on & have four, five, etc. 😛 [Or not! ;-)]

    1. The funny thing? Katie was a much easier baby than Abby, so I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t easy peasy. JB obviously prefers man to man defense over a zone defense 😉

  2. You could always do a “goofy” shot of none of them looking at the camera and then and individual shot of each of them. Put all 4 pics on the card. So you get the “perfection” of single kid and the “chaos” of putting it all together. 🙂 Shoot! I only have ONE kid and can’t get her to look at the camera when I WANT her too! 🙂 Have a great Thanksgiving!

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