Avoiding Sleep

Katie apparently hit a brick wall this week in the sleep department. My little princess has decided sleep just isn’t something she needs anymore. At least not at night. She has fought bedtime tooth and nail. Last night was by far the worst. She bellowed and wailed in her room for over an hour after I had already sat/snuggled with her for an hour. The pitiful wail of your toddler is awful. And frustrating. And heartbreaking. And downright annoying. That might not be politically correct to admit, but let’s be real. Hearing, “Mommy. Mommy. Open the door,” over and over and over can begin to wear you down.

I honestly don’t remember what time she actually went to sleep…but I vividly remember her waking up S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G at 1:20am.  Not crying.  Not whining.  Not whimpering.  Screaming.  At the top of her lungs.  To avoid waking the entire house, I grabbed pillows and a blanket and headed into her room.  She went back to semi-sleep (meaning I couldn’t sneak back out to my own bed because she would shoot straight up in bed at the slight sound).  

Of course, I woke up around 5:30 with an urgent need to pee.  And, wouldn’t you know, she wasn’t going to let that happen.  Thankfully, she went with me quietly.  Since it was only about 30 minutes before Jeb usually wakes up, I went ahead and decided to grab a quick shower.  Who knew plopping a sleep deprived toddler into a Bumbo in the shower would have such a calming effect?

Thankfully, tonight’s bedtime went much smoother.  I will fall asleep repeating this prayer over and over again… Dear Lord, please let her sleep peacefully through the night.  Amen.


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