2 Years of Kakey

On Sunday, we celebrated Katie’s second birthday.  It is really hard for me to believe she’s been in our lives for two whole years.  It seems like just yesterday we were finding out that Abby would be a big sister.  (I’m also a little struck by the fact that we found out Katie would be a big sister at about the age Jeb is right now.  And no, Jeb isn’t going to be a big brother!)

Katie the Cake Tester
Katie the Cake Tester

When referring to herself, “Kakey” is the proper pronunciation.  I adore hearing her talk endlessly.  She’s such a little sponge and she loves to interact with others.  The entire day Sunday, she was reminded by just about everyone that it was her birthday.  (That is just an added bonus of being part of an active church family where everyone knows your name.  Well, everyone she meets anyway.)

After church, we headed to Cici’s Pizza for a lunch that wouldn’t break the bank, but would please just about everyone.  I am happy to report that I now know the perfect time to dine-in at Cici’s…around 11:30 on Sunday morning.  There may have been 2 other families there and EVERYTHING was hot and fresh.  We actually had to wait for them to fill up the buffet with pizza.  Usually, I’m not a fan of Cici’s, but Sunday was an exception.  And, everybody got in on the carb fest.  Jeb even enjoyed some tasty pizza crust.

Katie's 2nd Birthday
Katie’s 2nd Birthday

At home, Katie discovered her big present – a castle/slide/rock climbing combo from Little Tikes.  She was over the moon and continues to spend endless amounts of time on it.  She quickly realized that you could also send cars, dolls, little people and all sorts of other things sailing down the slide.  After just a few minutes, she wanted to let her brother in on the fun too.  Unfortunately, “Jebby” opted to just watch because he’s a little too small.

Katie's Slide
Katie’s Slide

That evening, we headed back to church for the annual Hanging of the Greens service.  It involves all choirs from preschool through adult and it is a beautiful service.  Katie was really excited to see her Nana and Papaw at church too.  Afterwards, she opened her grandparents presents – a Sulley doll and cup (Nana and Papaw) and a Noah’s ark shape sorter (Grandpa and Grandma).  Talk about a very happy toddler.

Sulley cup
Sulley cup
Noah's Ark shape sorter
Noah’s Ark shape sorter

As an added bonus, Katie has her first visit to the dentist today, after tagging along to her sister’s appointment earlier in the week.  Hooray for a good report!  (While I never disliked the dentist growing up – no cavities until AFTER I had Abby – I always worry that my kids will have a bad/scary experience.)  Katie was all smiles until the dentist wanted to actually look in her mouth.  But, she cried through it with a wide-open mouth which made the dentist’s job a little easier.


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