What was I thinking?!?!

Just a week or so ago, I waxed poetic on why I love our real tree.  Yeah, at that point, our gorgeous real tree was still in the garage soaking in a bucket of water.  Fast forward 6 nights and I’m ’bout done with this Christmas tree stuff.  We’ve been trying to get our tree in the house, up and decorated (straight is a perk, but not a must-have requirement) every stinkin’ night.  And, wouldn’t you know that something or someone has gotten in the way each night.  Without fail?

For the record, when I selected the tree from among a large number of trees bound in twine, I thought I was choosing the one that looked the smallest and skinniest because we don’t have a lot of room and I figured smaller would be easier to manage.  Apparently, small is a relative term and this tree comes from a long line of really HUGE relatives.  This sucker is ginormous.  Beautiful, but ridiculously large.  Especially considering it was the smallest one.

Tree, no lights
Tree, no lights

Last night, we finally got the tree in the house, after much struggling and a few choice words.  And, for the most part, it looks pretty straight to boot.  A couple of nights ago, amid the joy of trying to go through boxes of decorations to determine what would earn the privilege of display this year and what would do the walk of shame back to the garage in a Rubbermaid storage bin, my oldest and her dad tested the lights from last year.  No problems.  Everything worked fine.  We obviously failed to notice the expiration date (written in disappearing ink) on these light strands.  It was 12/4/2013.  That’s right.  Wednesday.  Because on Thursday, 2/3 of the lights wouldn’t work.  At all.  Dead.  I replaced fuses, bulbs, stood on one foot with my mouth open crooked, but no luck.  Further drama ensued thanks to our tween.  Needless to say, my sweet husband made a trek to Target at 9:45pm, only to call me on the way to make sure Target would even be open by the time he got there.  (Thank you HOLIDAY HOURS!)

Upon his return home, I welcomed boxes of new lights.  LED lights.  [Insert happy dance here… I’m in love with LED lights but couldn’t justify buying them when we already had perfectly good lights.]  Added bonus?  He bought C6 lights, which means they are a little larger.  You know what that means, right?  It takes less time to string the lights.  For someone who is allergic to the tree and whose hands, arms, face, etc. begin itching almost immediately, this was wonderful.

It was almost midnight before the lights were finished, so we decided to pass on decorating until tonight.

Bright lights, big tree
Bright lights, big tree

Here’s hoping we’ve survived all the necessary tree drama for this year.  The real deal is just too much work :-/  But, we’ll buy some extra wreaths (real ones) each year to hang throughout the house so we can still have that real tree smell, just without the sap, water, falling needles, etc.  Sounds like a win-win to me.


One thought on “What was I thinking?!?!

  1. I was always anti-artificial, b/c we only had real growing up; but JB & I HAD to go fake, b/c we’d always leave to travel to both families for two weeks = no live fire hazard. Now I looooove our artificial! I can leave it up longer – no big deal. It’s straight. I know exactly how big a space it needs. I don’t have to water it. Just awesome!

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