Last night was a full moon, right?

Based on the overnight drama at my house last night, I was certain that December 8 marked the Full Moon for December 2013.  However, a quick Google check this morning told me otherwise.  Apparently, I’ve gotta wait until December 17 to get the full Full Moon experience this month.

Katie put up the fight of all fights in regards to bedtime and sleeping last night.  She tricked me into thinking she’d happily comply by initiating, “time to go night-night.”  You’ve gotta watch out for that one.  We went upstairs.  I offered to let her go to sleep in our bed (Jeb’s crib is in our room) because the past few weeks have been nightmarish in the Katie sleeping department.  My hope was that sleeping in our bed would at least let Katie, Dad and I get an entire night’s sleep without a 3am drama-fest.  But, upon climbing into my bed and snuggling into the pillows and covers, Katie decided she wasn’t interested.  She hopped down and went straight to her own bed.  And asked me to lay down.

I was with her for a while (re:45+ minutes) and I really needed to get back downstairs.  So, we talked about staying in her bed.  We talked about being a big girl and that Jeb and Abby sleep in their bed all night.  We talked about talking and singing to Fergus and Tabby (stuffed frog, stuffed cat) about church (one of her favorite things about Sundays).  “Ok.  Ok mama.  Kakey stay in bed.  Kakey sleep.  Kakey no cry.”  And, wouldn’t you know, she didn’t cry for about 0.03 seconds.  As soon as my feet hit the floor and my posture was upright, the precursor whine/cry started.  Once I closed the door, it was full on wailing.  And, my girl is very gung-ho about her fit pitching.  Very gung-ho.  She doesn’t hold back.  She’s in it for the long haul.  She could wake the dead!

With a 7-month old just down the hall, this is a tricky thing.  I’m torn between letting her cry it out or finding some compromise that will work for the entire family (re: allowing a toddler to stay up until 10pm or later and only getting about 8 hours of sleep is NOT what I mean by a compromise).  I’m not opposed to co-sleeping or bed-sharing.  We basically did that with Abby out of necessity.  Although, if memory serves, getting her to go to sleep wasn’t quite as challenging… her issue was more of the staying asleep.  Of course, Katie’s ideas and my ideas do not a Venn diagram make.

So, last night.  Yeah.  After what seemed like forever (nearly an hour) of her screaming and wailing and banging (’cause what says fun more than a 2-year-old slamming her fists on the bedroom door), I caved and let her come downstairs with us.  Judge if you must.  She happily sat in my lap, snuggled on the couch for a good while.  Eventually, she hopped up to ask Dad to play blocks.  Finally, at 10pm, I begrudgingly went upstairs, grabbed my pillows and blanket and settled down into her spare bed (two twins in her room).  I also had the baby monitor so I could hear Jeb while Dad was doing chores around the house.  In the wee hours of the morning, Jeb was restless and whiny.  I opted to take care of him and let Dad take over spare bed duties in Katie’s room.  This worked…for about 2 hours.  When she woke in the middle of the night and realized I wasn’t there, she was hopping mad.  And loud.  Jeb was finally back to sleep, so I just grabbed the monitor and my pillows and snuggled in next to Katie in her bed.  Dad stayed in the spare bed.  (I’m so over musical beds.)  Katie slept just fine until Jeb started waking.  As soon as I heard him, I got up.  By the time my feet hit the hallway, the jig was up and Katie was right on my heels.

In my room, we comforted Jeb.  I told Katie I needed to take a shower.  She asked if she could take a shower too.  Sure because that meant I wouldn’t need to worry about her getting into/onto anything while I’m in the shower.  Down to nothing but her birthday suit and ready to hop in, she has a change of heart and begins wailing about NOT wanting to take a shower.  Seriously?  At this point, I’m in and I’m not missing my shower today.  So, I tell her to sit on the bathmat and try to make the best of a fast shower.  Every minute or so, I ask if she wants a shower.  Just as I’m finishing up, she asks to get in.   Right!  Now you want to get in the shower.  She hops in for about 60 seconds and we’re done.  By this point, Jeb is one angry little man.  So, everyone hurries to get diapers and clothes on and we head downstairs.  Amazingly, Dad slept through this ordeal.  I’m not sure if that is because I did a great job at keeping the kids quiet or he’s so exhausted a freight train could have run through the house undetected.  To boost my own confidence, I choose to believe the former.

I know this will get better… but I also know I’ll likely have to live through it again in another year or so.


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