Reeling and Dealing

And you thought I’d fallen off the face of the earth.  Nah!  I’ve just been in blog hibernation.  The month of January was somewhat of a whirlwind for us, but not necessarily in the way one would expect or anticipate.

For me personally, it marked the end of a 10+ week journey (that is really more of a milestone in a much longer journey) that helped me to realize remember that I have value as a person, beyond being a wife, mother, daughter and friend.  Although this seems very vague (yes, I know, but some things just don’t need to be documented on the interwebs for the entire world to see), I’m fairly certain many moms and women can identify with this sentiment.

For me as a mom (and hubby as a dad), January also helped to confirm suspicions that we’ve held for a long time as parents.  Suspicions that, ultimately, we know best when it comes to our child.  Even when doctors and educators constantly (and consistently) tell us, “it’s normal,” “no need to worry,” “she’ll grow out of it,” and so on, mom and dad really do know best.  Of course, it also made me feel like a complete failure as a parent.  I didn’t trust my instinct and let these other people influence so many decisions over the past few years that it still makes me a little sick to my stomach to think about it for very long.  But, we’re moving forward and it can’t happen soon enough.  For all of us.

For us as a family, we realized that we are not good at snow in The South.  Last week brought about 3″ of snow to our area.  Abby was out of school for 4 days (we only had actual bad weather/roads for 3 of those days, but our district learned a lesson in 2005 that Atlanta probably should have studied up on, if you get my drift) and that was tough on everyone that spends the typical day at home.  (Re: not so much me as hubby, Katie and Jeb.)  Of course, being in The South with kids that stay home the majority of the time with their dad, Katie and Jeb had no real winter wear to speak of.  No mittens.  No warm hats.  No boots.  (Seriously, Jeb doesn’t even have real shoes yet.)  We improvised and made a quick, obligatory “this is their first snow and we took a few pics” trip outside.  Katie only enjoyed kicking the snow.  Otherwise, she seems to prefer warmth.  (She’s a true southern girl.)  Jeb thought it was fun.  No question.  I think in a few years, given the opportunity, he will run his big sister ragged asking for her to take him sledding again and again and again.  And, from that experience, we learned that we needed to get Abby a more wintery winter coat (a size too big because, well, it’s already February and living in The South I want to get some good use out of it) and mittens and a hat for Katie and Jeb.  Thank you LL Bean – the free shipping and clearance prices were just an added bonus.  You must love southerners who get snow.

So, we’re settling in to February nicely and it isn’t nearly as full throttle as January was.  Yet.  But, it’s still early.  Things can change.


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