Let the little people sleep

If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you have an idea of the long, sleepless hours I’ve spent trying to coax Katie to sleep (both at bedtime and in the wee hours of the morning) beginning the night Jeb came home from the hospital.  And, as our family battled the stomach bug during the time change back in March, Jeb decided a full night’s sleep was totally unnecessary.  Between the two of them, Mike and I were lucky to get 4 whole hours of sleep most nights.  While that isn’t too bad once or twice, it can get old pretty quick.

Oddly, each of our children has resided in our room more than their predecessors.  Abby was never in our room.  She slept in her room, in her crib from the first night home from the hospital.  Admittedly, I slept on a loveseat that was in her room for nearly a week, but still, we were in her room.  Katie was in our room for about 7 months.  She didn’t miss a beat when we graduated her to a room all by herself and slept like a champ until she became a big sister.  Jeb, well, he’s been a resident in our room for an entire year.  On his 1st birthday, we moved him out and he started sharing a room with Katie.  The first few nights went really well.  But, I was still holding my breath waiting for the inevitable meltdown to occur at 2 in the morning or something like that.

I’m happy to report (and oh so thankful) that the bedtime routine has improved greatly now that Katie and Jeb are sharing a room.  There usually isn’t a need to go back to calm down a hysterical toddler after she’s been left alone to go to sleep.  Everyone seems to sleep better and longer.  And one of my favorite parts?  Listening to the two of them “chatting” as they go to sleep each night.  So very, very sweet.


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