Mother Daughter Camp 2014

Although I chaperoned a church retreat back in the fall for our church, this was my first experience at Mother Daughter Camp.  (Technically, it was Abby’s second because Jeb was only a few weeks old last year during the camp…so a good friend “adopted” Abby for the weekend and Abby went with her bestie and  her mom.)

The Raleigh Baptist Association hosts a Mother Daughter Camp each spring at Camp Mundo Vista in Sophia, NC.  We left Raleigh last Friday afternoon around 3pm, just as the rain started to fall.  We ended up pulling over twice along the way due to hail and heavy wind and rain.  But, we made it safely and once the weather cleared, everything was beautiful.

View from our cabin
View from our cabin

I had a great time with Abby, with the fellow moms and with many of the girls that I teach on Wednesday nights during Girls in Action.  (The majority of my class attended camp, so it was fun to see the girls outside of our normal environment.)  I think I would have enjoyed even more time away, but the camp only run Friday evening through midday Saturday so they can host another session from Saturday evening to Sunday midday.

Total disclosure: While the beds/cots weren’t terribly comfortable, I was pleasantly surprised by the super hot shower with great water pressure.  And honestly, a peaceful hot shower more than made up for a little discomfort as I slept.

Unfortunately, the information packets this year indicated only 1st-4th graders were invited.  So, this may have been our first and last time together.  But, I’m looking into that because it really was a lot of fun.



2 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Camp 2014

  1. Oh, wow! Camp Mundo Vista was my first sleep-away camp for a full week around 5th grade. (It was a nightmare. 😛 Just me & 2 other girls in GAs w/ me; 3 is a terrible number = someone always odd man out. 😦 I was crazy homesick!) I think being able to go with a parent would be a BEAUTIFUL experience!!!

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