What a Crazy Couple of Months

I know, I know, I know…I haven’t blogged in for-e-ver.  Literally.  And, there are so many blogworthy things that have happened over the past few months.  This is just the beginning, which explains why I drafted it July 4th but never got around to actually publishing it.


In late April / early May, I started job hunting. And not just random, “huh, that looks interesting.” More like, “yeah, I want to do that and work there and live there.”

I totally underestimated myself, which isn’t a surprise to anyone who knows me very well. But, I was beyond shocked when I was put in a position to choose from two awesome offers. I consider myself incredibly lucky to even be given the opportunity to consider one offer, let alone two.

Fast forward through phone interviews and an mini vacay on-site interview not in NC.

After everything was finalized, I made a house hunting trip alone over Father’s Day weekend…during which Jeb came down with chicken pox (best guess from dermatologist and pediatrician) and a staph infection. And YES, we vaccinate. He is just not old enough to have had all of the varicella vaccines. Thankfully, Mike didn’t end up with chicken pox, since he had never had them.

I have a short notice at The Farm so that we could be ready for movers to arrive the following week to load us up and relocate. It was bittersweet leaving friends that I have worked with for so long…some over a decade. But, I know it was the right choice for me and my family. Admittedly, it does feel strange now being the “new girl,” only because I haven’t experienced that in so very, very long.

The drive to Erie, Pennsylvania, took a lot longer than I had ever anticipated. Like 15 hours over two days with two toddlers, a tween and a dog. Good times people, good times.



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