Up Close and Beachy

Living in NC for over 20 years, I never valued living within a few hours of the beach.  I’m not a fan of the ocean (sharks, people, sharks!) and sand is like the glitter of the coast (that stuff hangs around forever in places it should have never been).  I love the smell, the sound and the food!

Our home in Erie is less than 20 minutes from Lake Erie.  While we haven’t taken full advantage of that proximity very often, we did venture our for a quick trip this weekend.  While Abby was vacationing with her Nana and Papaw in Raleigh, we took Katie and Jeb for an afternoon trip to Lake Erie at the Walnut Creek Marina.

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Aside from walking along the beach and taking in the sheer beauty and peacefulness of Lake Erie, a favorites pastime of many locals is to hunt for beach glass.  We’ve never looked before, but I tried my hand (you know, the free one that wasn’t wrestling with Jeb) at a quick beach glass search.  I found a very small piece of green glass and I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.  I will most definitely be spending some quiet time in the coming months and years searching for beach glass.


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