17 Years and Counting

Last weekend, Mike and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary and I think it may actually be my favorite one yet.


This year, we spent our Anniversary Eve (yes, that’s a real thing…didn’t you know?) doing some really sexy things.  Really sexy.  We woke up nice and early, fed 3 kids and moved every piece of furniture out of the living room, play room and toddlers’ room into Abby’s bedroom.  As if it wasn’t fun enough to disassemble an IKEA crib, we even enjoyed sharing a YouTube video to learn how to disassemble a recliner.  Why would we do such a crazy thing first thing in the morning?  To prep for the carpet cleaners, of course.

I took the kids on some errand runs and a quick trip to the Erie Zoo.  In our past trips to the zoo, we’ve avoided the children’s area that includes a playground.  For this trip, that was our destination.  Our little monkeys climbed high and had a fabulous time.IMG_2291IMG_2305

To give the carpets some additional drying time, we headed out for a family picnic at Frontier Park.  It was so fun watching the kids run around like crazies in the open areas.  They also got in lots of playground time as well.

Later, Mike and I enjoyed a quiet  dinner at Molly Brannigans.  I’m a huge fan of their mushroom boxty.  I’m super thankful for one of my besties, Angie, who hosted our kids for the evening.  I’m pretty sure that clinched the “two is enough for us” debate if they were considering more kids 😀

On our actual anniversary, we went all out!!!  We went to a nearby self-service dog wash (best thing ever!) and gave Emmy a bath.  While she wasn’t a fan, she put up with it just long enough to get clean and smell good.


A detour to Sara’s for a hot fudge milkshake finished off the night.  We may not have the most glamorous or extravagant anniversary celebrations, but we do memorable things that will bring us joy and happiness for years to come.  “Remember that year we bought ourselves clean carpets for our anniversary and washed the dog?”


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