Summer of 2015

Summer is winding down.  This may actually be the first summer in recent memory that I’m not thrilled the season is nearly over.  (Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone.  This is totally out of character for me.)  I am a huge fan of the Erie summer.  I don’t sweat every morning as I step out the door.  I don’t get drenched in near daily thunderstorms as I’m heading home each afternoon.  My power bill isn’t $200+ because I’ve been running my AC non-stop at 78 degrees.  Don’t get me wrong.  It does rain.  And, it does get warm (mid to upper 80’s) but that isn’t constant and the high humidity doesn’t last for months at a time.

Abby enjoyed a few weeks of summer camp in Ohio at PHOC.  She had an absolute blast and is already making plans for going next summer.  She also spent some time with my parents visiting with my mom’s family (aunts, uncles, cousins, oh my!) and stopping by our home church in Raleigh.  She enjoyed visiting with everyone and got the special treat of going to lunch at Kanki with her old Sunday School Class.  (If you know Abby, you know this was ah-maz-ing!)  It was a little heartbreaking as well, because it brought back the painful reminder that she misses the friends she grew up with in church.  But, it reminded her that she has an awesome family in many, many places.

Katie and Jeb spent summer much like spring…running around like endless bottles of energy.  They love parks.  Love running around the yard.  And are always looking forward to our next trip to the local Y…with the windows down, of course.

Mike has continued to keep our family and house running.  He thoroughly enjoys his weekly lawn maintenance time (ie – mowing our yard on the riding mower with his headphones in and rockin’ out to The Beach Boys and The Beatles).

I finished up the summer semester of classes and have one course remaining to complete my degree.  I’m taking a little time off, but plan to finish that up in the next year.

As summer ends and the school year begins, I’m excited that Abby is starting middle school.  I know a lot of parents are misty and a little sad to see their babies growing up.  For me, I’m so thankful that she’s made it this far and can’t wait to see the opportunities that come in the next three years.  Admittedly, middle school was extra hard for me because we lived in a different place each year.  It makes me thrilled to know that Abby will be with a lot of the same kids from 5th grade through 12th.  (No need to read between the lines on this one…I have no intention of leaving Erie any time soon.)

And y’all, the end of summer means football season and then basketball season.  How can that be bad?


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