Tiny Little Pray-er

Ever since Abby was a baby, we’ve said the following prayer before family meals:

God is great.  God is good.  Let us thank Him for our food.  By His hands, we are fed.  
Give us Lord our daily bread.  Amen.

Of course, we do ad-lib at the end too.  Katie has taken great pride in leading us in mealtime prayers for as long as she could mumble the words. For a while, Jeb has interjected the final words of each sentence, but nothing more.  Tonight, he joined us at the dinner table a little late.  When he sat down, he grabbed my hands and we started the prayer together.  Except, he started with the first word and kept going.  I held both of his tiny little hands in mine and listened closely with my eyes closed.  The sweetness of his tiny little toddler voice, emphasis on the final word of each sentence and the excited proclamation of, “Amen!” was almost too much for this mama to handle.

I’m torn as a parent…thrilled that my children are growing and thriving…but a little heartbroken as each phase passes as we enter the next “big thing.”  In the end, I’m thankful for the chance to have three unique little peeps in my care.


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