Let the Parading Begin

Mike and the kids came downtown today to take me to lunch today and to take a brief tour of my office.  (Tour is really an exaggeration.  I really just wanted to introduce Mike to some of the people he hears me talking about on a daily basis…and I wanted the kids to see where Mommy works.)

After lunch at Arby’s, we headed over to my office.  I had no idea how much sounds carry in our four-story atrium.  But Jeb was happy to give it a good test and let me know just how quickly a toddler voice can draw attention from every direction.  (Thanks Bubba!)

I briefly introduced them to my team.  Those little wild and crazy toddlers clammed up like never before.  Who knew all I had to do was take them to work and introduce them to people and they’d be quiet as a mouse?  They were quite happy to run into some of their “friends” too…as we’ve visited friends in recent weeks outside of the office.  Katie was all about giving hugs to her special friends.

Mike commented that he felt as if I was parading all of them around like Shetland ponies.  I guess that isn’t too far off.  I’m quite proud of my crazy little family.  For all the sleepless nights, messy floors, sticky fingers and dirty laundry… I wouldn’t trade our kids for anything.  And I don’t think I can ever put into words or actions the love and admiration I have for Mike and all that he has done (and continues to do) for our family.  But, I didn’t let anyone pet them.  I draw the line there 🙂


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