Representing NC Flavor

Every month, my team at work celebrates birthdays throughout the month with a single food day.  The theme is chosen by those celebrating during the month.  August happens to be a month with no birthdays, so our illustrious Birthday Guru chose Barbecue as the food day theme.

Big on history, background, details and trivia, she shared some background on barbecue and the many styles and variety across the country.  She made a point to acknowledge my NC background and the sharp divide in NC barbecue.  For food day, I decided to be true to my hubby’s roots and bring “red slaw.”  Raised in Greensboro, Mike introduced me to Stamey’s early on in our courtship and I continue to measure barbecue against the Stamey’s yardstick.  To ensure I didn’t tarnish the Stamey’s name, Mike prepared the slaw for me (I really think he wanted to make use of his food processor, ahem) and followed a recipe similar to this one highlighted in The Washington Post, except we use Stamey’s barbecue sauce instead of hot sauce.  The results were spot on as usual and I got tons of great feedback at work.  I guess if we ever have some extra money to invest, we could always open a BBQ joint serving red slaw 🙂

For the record, we haven’t been back to NC since we moved in June 2014.  In any discussions around visiting, a stop at Stamey’s always comes up.  If I could figure out an excuse for a work trip to Greensboro, I’d do it in a heartbeat.


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