When We Can’t Protect Them

As parents, protecting our children is usually a top priority.  Protecting from unseen dangers.  Protecting them from bad decisions.  And sometimes, we have to let “bad” things happen because they are necessary.

Today, Abby had a doctor’s appointment.  Before going, all 3 of us (Mike, Abby, me) assumed this would be a pretty mundane appointment.  In and out.  A few questions.  A few answers.  Maybe a script or two.  Instead, Abby left with a few stitches and followed that up with a with a phlebotomist who should have listened to Mike (she has unreliable veins that will roll and shift…use the butterfly needle).  After one stab (without a butterfly) in one arm, they moved to the other arm with a butterfly and hit gold.  Abby had a traumatic blood draw experience at the age of 4 and is not the most cooperative patient for even the slightest blood work.  Today was no exception.

Mike was a rock star, saving the day each time Abby encountered the next “bad” thing.  By the time she got home, she was calm and collected.  Unhappy, but calm.

It made me realize how difficult it can be, as a parent, to walk that line of protecting them.  If someone asked, “would you intentionally let your child be hurt?,” I’d say, “ABSOLUTELY NOT!”  But, that’s exactly what happened today and it is exactly what needed to happen.  Thankfully, I can probably count on one hand the number of times we’ve each had to do something like this for each kid.  Hopefully, that number remains low forever.


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