Tween Highlights

Y’all, I never thought I’d let my child have hair color on her hair before she was 18.  And no, I’m not kidding.  Call me what you want, a year ago, I would have never agreed to hair color a week before middle school started.

Apparently, Abby isn’t the only one who has “grown” and “matured” over the last year.  I’m trying to embrace letting my oldest grow up little by little, letting her make certain decisions that won’t cause irreparable damage.  Or get somebody arrested.  (Absolutely NO tattoos until 18!)

After a quick trim, including side bangs and framing whisps, highlights were next on the agenda.  Nothing too drastic or life altering, but enough to notice…and to be easily undone if she doesn’t like them.  I’m frugal when it comes to beauty stuff, so we took the at-home route.  I’m pretty sure Abby was torn between, “OMG, my mom is going to ruin my life,” and, “woohoo, I’m getting highlights.”  The struggle of a tween is real.

I guess the perms of years gone by will be relived in my adult years as highlights for my girl.  I can live with that.  At least it won’t smell quite as bad and won’t require all those crazy rollers and papers.

As an over-the-top perfectionist, I was both pleased and disappointed in the results…mainly because I didn’t fully appreciate how dark Abby’s hair has gotten in the past few years…so the highlights were more dramatic than I expected.  But, she was thrilled.  On the first day of school, she seemed quite pleased with her new hair and it seems to fit her personality quite well.



One thought on “Tween Highlights

  1. YAY, for personal mama growth (& for highlights! ;-)) I do my roots 3 times a year at home with a $6 box of Garnier Nutrisse.
    Oh, I sooooo remember at-home perms in the kitchen sink. They REEKED!!!

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