Middle School Life

Middle school is often referred to as “a difficult time” for students…a lot of change.  For me, I experienced nearly the entire spectrum of middle schools… private Catholic school, inner city public school and county public school.  Y’all, if you could just imagine the vast differences in each of these schools…the first day of school each year was eye opening to say the least.

But, with all of those differences, there were many things remained constant.  Like the cliques and the different types of kids… the populars, the cool kids who were smart, the nerds, the jocks, the jocks who were smart, the rich kids, the not-so-rich kids, the “I wish I could just sit in the corner where no one would notice me” kids, the “I just don’t belong here” kids…I’m sure you recall.  Then, for the girls, you always have the added layer of the pretty girls.  (Did I mention I hated middle school and a good portion of high school too?)

Earlier this week, I took Abby to one of her basketball games.  While her team was waiting to play, I watched eight 6th grade girls interact.  In just 15 minutes or so, I was transported back in time to the early 90’s and could actually see each girl on Abby’s team and think of a friend or acquaintance from my middle school days that she reminded me of and that was only from watching them interact.  I couldn’t hear a single word they were saying.  Although, I’m pretty sure I could guess some of the content 🙂

I’ve often heard people caution parents about trying to relive their childhood through their children.  For whatever reason, I try to remain very aware of this when making recommendations to and decisions for Abby because I want her to enjoy as much as she can and I don’t want to pigeon hole her to do things just because I did (or didn’t).  I’m certain I would never try to get her to be the overweight new girl who has not athletic ability AND is a nerd.  Nope, just not going to happen.  Ever.


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