Being a Basketball Mom Rocks!

I was never very athletic.  Did I want to play volleyball?  Sure.  Even tried out for the sixth grade team.  And made it.  (And so did every other girl who tried out. #weareallwinners) Did I want to play basketball?  Sure.  Even tried out for the 7th grade team.  #fail  Did I want to be a cheerleader?  Duh!  Didn’t every girl in middle school?  #epicfail

Fast forward nearly a quarter of a century (I sure do know how to put my age in perspective, huh?!?), and I’m the proud mama of a basketball player.  I look forward to every game that I’m able to attend.  (Mike and I take turns because the drama of herding Katie and Jeb in a gymnasium on bleachers is not something I want.  Ever.)

This isn’t Abby’s first season of basketball.  But it is the first season that I’ve seen her really dig in and apply the feedback the coach is giving her.  And make adjustments mid-game to improve herself and her team.  We’ve just passed the halfway point of the season in the past week or so and she’s gained a tremendous amount of confidence in her own skills.  Defense is her jam… in a recent game, the coach commented, “I could slap a helmet and pads on her and just send her onto the football field.  She has no fear.”  She’s slowly learning to be more assertive on offense.  Taking shots.  Dribbling with confidence.  Thankfully, she isn’t a ball hog.  She’s very quick to hand the ball off if she doesn’t have a good shot or if a teammate is in a better position.

I love seeing the progress she’s making this season.  Her ultimate goal, at this point, it to make the 7th grade team next year and to remain on the school teams through high school.  I reminded her yesterday that will mean practicing in the off season, camps over the summer and real dedication.  She seems ready to accept that challenge and work hard to stay competitive.

Now, if I could just find a way to pay less than $100 for a pair of basketball shoes every season…


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