Shopping for “The First Dance”

I am impatient.  I hate shopping.  I am cheap.

Abby has no sense of time.  Abby loves shopping.  Abby has no concept of money.

You know shopping for the dress for her first middle school dance was bound to be an experience.  Mike ventured out yesterday in the hopes of helping her find a dress.  Only to come home with a mouthy tween who changes her mind more often than it snows in Erie.

Today, it was my turn.  I knew we had limited time and limited options.  I refuse…I repeat, I refuse to spend $$$ on a dress and shoes for a middle school dance.  I love Abby to the moon and back, but no way am I dropping tons of money on something like this.

We hit up TJ Maxx, Bon-Ton, Charlotte Russe, NY & Co, H&M, Forever 21 and JC Penney.  If she tried on one dress, she tried on 40 (and that is not an exaggeration).  Too long, too low cut, too high on the neck, ugly color, too tight, too loose, weird belt, crazy pattern, too much lace, not enough bling, bling in the wrong place, too poofy… for someone who doesn’t like shopping, this was a very long day.  I decided the best approach would be to blow through each dress as quickly as possible.  First reaction is the most honest.  I sat in each fitting room and had dresses ready to go.  She just slipped them on, looked in the mirror and gave me her opinion.  As soon as she said something she didn’t like, I told her to go ahead and take it off.  I put it back on the hanger and moved her on to the next dress.  She didn’t feel rushed because she was just putting dresses on and taking them off.  I didn’t get annoyed at how long it was taking to try each dress on.  It worked.

In one fitting room, someone walked in who smelled like the spilled an entire bottle of perfume on themselves.  It was so strong you could taste it in your mouth.  GAG!  It bothered me first and I made awful faces and quiet gagging and choking noises.  Abby reached for my hair, lifted it to her noise and inhaled deeply… “that hair though.”  (Thank you OGX Coconut Curls…you make my hair smell wonderful.)

I did learn a little more about my daughter today…she’s quite beautiful (I already knew that) and modest (this was somewhat surprising to me).  She tried on a handful of dresses that looked amazing on her, but she felt they were too tight or too revealing.  From a mom’s perspective, they were still age appropriate, but I wasn’t about to argue with that logic.  She is welcome to be as modest as she would like.

After finding the perfect dress, we went shoe shopping.  Abby insisted on heels.  Insisted.  Wouldn’t let it go.  I told her the only way I would buy heels was if she could walk the length of the store and back without wobbling, losing her balance or looking like a complete fool.  The first pair was a hot mess.  She was wobbling all over the place and struggled to walk a few feet.  She admitted that wasn’t going to work.  Then, we found some wedges with decent height, but a sturdier foundation.  That worked.  And in less than 15 minutes!!!

Now, we just have to figure out what to do with her hair.  That might take longer than the dressing shopping 😀


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