Putting Myself First

I’ll be the first to reluctantly admit that I tend to think about myself last.  That isn’t a plug for myself as selfless or humble or anything like that.  It’s admitting a character flaw.  The past few months have reminded me there can be consequences for not taking care of yourself.

About a month ago, I woke up one Monday morning with a sore left nostril.  Silly me, I just assumed it was a painful zit that was just under the skin (the kind that will make your eyes water if you bump the area).  I went about my day as usual…it would go away on its own, right?!?  By Thursday, I woke up with a fat lip, sore teeth, swollen lymph nodes in my neck, puffy cheeks and tremendous sinus pain.  Oh, and that pesky nostril.  UNCLE!  I went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon.  She said 1) it is serious and 2) she wants me to followup on Friday and Monday.  She gave me a strong antibiotic (that covers strep, staph, MRSA…you name it) and sent me on my way.  After that, I came home, went straight to bed and slept nearly 5 hours.  I was eventually diagnosed with cellulitis and am about 95% healed.

In 2016, I’m committed to taking better care of myself…physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  This isn’t a resolution, more of a life shift.  And anyone who knows me well knows what a huge challenge this is going to be for me.  I’m just plain awful at doing things for myself.  Big things, little things…I can always justify not doing for myself to do for others instead.  It’s a skill I’ve been cultivating for decades 😉

Here’s to peace, love and joy in 2016!



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