Preparing for a New Life(style)

I’ve been battling my weight for as long as I can remember.  Alliteration always makes bullying and cruel taunts easier…so you can imagine how many times I heard “fat Phyllis” as a kid.

Long before moving to Erie, I contemplated bariatric surgery.  But, I didn’t want to even consider it before I was done having kids.  Then, I convinced myself (multiple times) that I really could lose all the weight I needed to with just simple exercise and improved food choices.  Except, I couldn’t.

I began seriously considering the surgery last Spring and I began the process leading up to insurance approval for bariatric surgery. And then, I got tired.  And low grade fevers.  And terrible joint and muscle pain.  And I opted to put that part of my life on pause.

Fast forward almost a year, too many doctor visits and blood tests to count, and I’m back on track for bariatric surgery.  Without any real insight into the cause of my health issues, other than possibly beginning to develop insulin resistance (although, I’m neither diabetic or pre-diabetic based on my A1C level), this afternoon will be my final pre-op appointment before requesting insurance approval for surgery.

The changes I’ve made up to this point have been relatively minor…no more straws, going cold turkey on my fru-fru Starbucks drinks, cutting out soda, eating more protein, drinking more water.  Oh, and of course, regular exercise.

But, things are about to get real.  The week or two before surgery = liquid diet.  The two weeks after surgery = liquid diet.  While that may sound repulsive or daunting, I’m to the point of almost looking forward to it.  Mentally, I think I’m ready.  Physically, I know I’m ready.

I’m very blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of family and friends who are supportive of my decision.  And, I have some great friends who have gone through all of this before with amazing success, so I’ve got my own personal “on call” resources 🙂

I plan to blog regularly through my journey, to remind myself how far I’ve come and to help others who may be struggling with obesity.  Wish me luck!


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