And Now, I Wait

The call came yesterday afternoon…from my surgeon’s office…notifying me of insurance approval for gastric sleeve surgery and offering me a surgery date.  Even though I knew the call would be coming, it was still a little surreal.

And now, I wait.  More accurately, I visit the doctor a final time to sign paperwork consenting to the operation.  And I visit the anesthesia group for pre-op overview.  And I have my blood drawn for some standard pre-op testing.  And then, I wait.

My surgery has been scheduled for Monday, July 11.  It’s soon enough.  And I’m so ready.  I’ll be having my “last meal” sometime the last week of June…’cause a purely liquid diet of protein shakes and non-calorie liquids for the week before surgery does not constitute a last meal.  I don’t care how fat or skinny you are.

Ironically, my first day of a liquid diet is July 4th.  I’ll be partying it up with chocolate protein shakes.  Yum.

While I’m doing all this waiting, I think I break out my “skinny” clothes, which are really more like “slightly-less-plush” clothes.  I was smaller. Once.  For a brief period of time.  About 9 years ago.  And yes, I kept an entire storage tote of those clothes.  ‘Cause I’m a dreamer 😛  There is a single dress in that tote thought, a dress that I bought when it was just a size or two too small.  As incentive.  I may not have anticipated the incentive to be a nearly 10 year reward, but I’ll take it.  Living in Erie, this spring/summer dress may not fit me during appropriate weather.  Guess I’ll be rockin’ it with a nice warm sweater or freezing my hiney off because I will be wearing this dress.  As many times as I can.



3 thoughts on “And Now, I Wait

  1. I understand this completely…. my surgery is scheduled for June 16th… I am ready to do it already!

  2. Of course, I loooooove that dress… but I honestly doubt you’ll be able to wear it very long! 😉 It will get too big fast!

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