Finding Family Time on the Fourth

Sunday night, it felt like every single neighbor was setting off fireworks.  The dog was beside herself. Katie, usually fearless, was even frightened.  I think it was not knowing where they were coming from that scared her the most.  Thankfully, Jeb slept through everything.

Monday, we debated going to the parade in Millcreek or taking Katie and Jeb to the movies. The movies won and we took them to see Finding Dory.  I remember seeing Finding Nemo when it was in theaters, taking our nephew, Logan.  He was the same age as Katie all those years ago.

Katie and Jeb did a great job.  I was so impressed (and thankful).  They both sat in their seats.  No one tried to run away.  No one yelled during the movie.  Both happily ate popcorn.  And ate popcorn.  And ate popcorn.  The movie was cute.  And as usual, I cried.  I will never look at seashells lined up in the sand the same way again.  For the record, my personality is like Marlin and NOT Dory.  Marlin plans everything.  Dory plans nothing.


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