You Are What You Eat

Protein. Protein. Protein.  I’ve heard that word at least a thousand times since embarking on the bariatric surgery journey, and that’s problem a low estimate.

For the past two weeks since my surgery, I’ve been faithfully drinking 2 Premier Protein shakes a day.  I chose Premier because I can drink an 11 ounce pre-made shake for 30 grams of protein.  My target for now is 60 grams per day…so two shakes is more appealing than 3 or 4.

And after two weeks, I’m kinda tired of protein shakes.  Ok, a lotta tired.  A girl can only have so much vanilla and caramel in her life, right?

Now comes the hard part, at least from where I’m sitting.  Finding ways to incorporate protein through foods acceptable on the pureed phase of the diet, allowing me to eliminate a shake each day.  That’s 30 grams of protein! In a single day. When my stomach is about the size of an egg.  Anyone else see the challenge in this?  Now, keep in mind, no drinking 30 minutes before eating and 30-60 minutes after eating 😀

I will be posting recipes periodically (calm yourself…these are going to be some really basic recipes that I’ve made following gastric sleeve surgery…these are not gourmet).  I know I’ve struggled in finding recipes that work for me and are easy (’cause this girl only does easy when it comes to cooking).

To give you an idea of today’s menu (my first day back at work)…

11 ounce vanilla Premier Protein shake
30 grams protein

2 ounces garlic hummus
2 grams protein

1 slice Havarti cheese
7 grams protein

Afternoon Snack
1 ounce almond butter
6 grams protein

Fluffy eggs
15 grams protein


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