One Month Milestone

Today marked one month post-surgery.

7/18/16 – 274 lbs; 4.8% lost since surgery
8/11/16 – 263 lbs; 8.2% lost since surgery

Confession first: I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with the scale since coming home from the hospital.  For a while (a few weeks), I was literally stepping onto the scale daily.  Bad, bad Phyllis.  (I did Weight Watchers years ago.  I know I shouldn’t weight myself more than once a week.  But each morning, I just wanted to check.  Just once.)  And you know what, that made me sad.  I don’t care how much my brain understands that weight loss takes time.  I don’t care how carefully I follow all the doctor’s instructions.  I still have a desire to step on that scale every time and see a smaller number.  And guess what?  There were days when I stepped on the scale and it went…up.  UP?!?  How in the #%&*?!? could it go up?  I’m ingesting maybe 500 calories in a day.  And exercising.  What in the — and then, Mike reminded me how much progress I’ve made.  How nearly all of the pants pre-surgery are too big already.  How I’m able to easily wear dresses from long ago.  How most of my shirts are loose now.  And it made sense, but I was still a little angry with that scale.  I’ve come to terms with it though, and I’m only weighing myself once a week.  It’s an actual struggle each morning, but I tell myself I will be so much happier to see the “big” number after a week than the little bitty numbers each day.

Back to work: I returned to work 2 weeks after surgery.  I think just about everyone thought I was insane, but I was ready.  Physically and mentally.  (Let me tell you, having this kind of surgery during what feels like the hottest/most humid summer in Erie in forever isn’t fun…going outside is just not an option for this girl.  Blech!  I moved north to get away from humidity.)  Being back at work has been good.  No major  issues.  I just have to be mindful to remember to drink enough water and pack reasonable “meals” that a chock full of protein.

Back to exercise: I started back to the Y this week.  It feels really good to workout, even if it isn’t for as long as I’d like just yet.  #babysteps

Diet improvements: Up until this week, I was really, really good at following the recommended diet to a tee.  But, I finally was like, “I’m sick of eating only plain yogurt, ricotta, provolone, mozzarella, hummus, eggs and popsicles.”  So this week, I started to expand my palate…always in small quantities.  Collard greens, black-eyed peas, chicken lunch meat, sirloin tip steak, quinoa and macaroni and cheese never tasted so good.

I’m looking forward to seeing what changes I experience in the next month!


2 thoughts on “One Month Milestone

  1. You’re doing great! Back in 2001, when I had surgery, I wouldn’t weigh anywhere except at the docs office. Also, when I had surgery, the rest rommendations for food were all based on consistency. At the bariatric education class I went to this year, the dietician said that weuse always concentrate on protein first. Once we’re able to handle 4-6 ounces of protein, then we can add veg to be eaten after protein, then fruit, the carbs and starches. “Carb creep” is a real thing! It will slow or stop your weightloss! Keep it up! Thank you for blogging about your experience!

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