Take Your Child to Work Day 2017

Thursday was National Take Your Child to Work Day.  ERIE has utilized a lot of time and talent over the years to develop a wonderful program that appeals to kids.  2017 was Abby’s first year of participating and she had a blast.

After a morning session in the fabulous 70’s orange auditorium, we self-toured the ERIE Campus while Abby completed a list of trivia style questions about ERIE.  For lunch, my team was already going out to celebrate one of our developers, so Abby came long to El Amigo for Taco Thursday!  She is my daughter, no doubt.  She’s mastered sarcasm already and can hold her own among a room full of grown-ups 😀  The final “fun” for the day was sitting in a meeting for one of the projects I’m assigned to.  I honestly figured she’d be bored out of her mind.  But, she wasn’t, somehow.  She knew quite a few of the meeting attendees, so she didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable.  She texted me a few times in the meeting to comment on how cool it was to see everyone interacting… some looked bored, others seemed really excited.  After the meeting, she said it was cool to see me doing my job and talking to people and asking them questions.  She was impressed with my multi-tasking skills (typing notes, talking, texting and IM’ing people…all at the same time!!!)

My favorite part of the day was seeing my daughter’s face light up as people knew who she was and talked to her like they’d known her forever.  People still ask me why I would move to Erie from North Carolina by choice.  And Thursday was a perfect example.  The sense of family and community at ERIE is amazing.  I’ve been here less than 3 years, yet even my children feel like part of the ERIE family.


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