Phyllis is a mom of three, just trying to find a balance between all that God has blessed her with (the daughters, the son, the dog) and all that is required of her outside the home (full-time job and pursuing her college education).

A perfectionist and procrastinator by nature, Phyllis can be found working to feverishly complete just about everything 5 minutes before it should be done.  Of course, the perfectionist tendencies have been slightly overshadowed by having three kids.  But she’s still a perfectionist at heart.  Except when it comes to laundry.  And dishes.  And cleaning bathrooms.

Born in Austin, Texas, Phyllis quickly relocated to the Texas Panhandle through adoption.  With stops in Illinois (ill-uh-noy…not ill-uh-noise) and Tennessee, she landed in North Carolina in her teens, graduating high school and attending college (the first time around) at North Carolina State University in Raleigh.  More than two decades later, Phyllis has landed with her family in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania…often referred to as “the land of snow and snow.”


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