Being a Statistic

Nobody ever wants to be “just a number.”  We want to have a face.  And a voice.  We want to be known and heard and seen and understood. And yet, each of us (and our situations) can easily be turned into “just a number” as we become 1 in a sea of many.  In other … More Being a Statistic

Putting Myself First

I’ll be the first to reluctantly admit that I tend to think about myself last.  That isn’t a plug for myself as selfless or humble or anything like that.  It’s admitting a character flaw.  The past few months have reminded me there can be consequences for not taking care of yourself. About a month ago, I woke up … More Putting Myself First

Moving Forward

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind/roller coaster.  Thankfully, Mike has been right there beside me (or in front of me pulling me along when I’m not in the mood to take the next step).  I couldn’t have made it the last month or so without him.  Or without those of you who have … More Moving Forward