The Mourning After

Politics was always a part of my childhood.  My dad talked about it and engaged me in the conversations.  I thank him for that… and for raising me as politically aware.  Mike and I are trying to do the same thing for our children. Admittedly, I’m disappointed in the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. … More The Mourning After

Thanksgiving 2015

This year’s Thanksgiving was a little less rigid as years past.  Typically, I will have a plan for everything well before the big day.  That plan will include when ingredients will be assembled, the dish used, the time in the oven (with a single oven, there is a constant rotation of things in and out), … More Thanksgiving 2015

Halloween 2015

(Yes, I know this post is very, very late.) Our Halloween festivities took place over two nights this year. Abby’s first middle school dance was Friday night.  She wanted to be a Homecoming Queen.  I didn’t argue because that means we get multiple wears out of the dress…church, school, family pictures…and the shoes. She had … More Halloween 2015

Special Needs

I’ve putting this post off for a while…because it isn’t a very fun post and it’s uncomfortable territory (for me and for some of my friends reading it).  Nothing in the following post is meant as a judgment, clinical opinion or anything more than just one mother’s thoughts on what can be a very polarizing … More Special Needs

Family Traits

I adore that I can see bits and pieces of myself in my kids.  I adore that I can see bits and pieces of Mike and his family in them as well. Recently, Mike came across this photo of his mother, Rose.  I never had the privilege of meeting her, as she passed away nearly 10 … More Family Traits