Left Behind

What do you do when you’re awakened by an email notification that your son’s preschool will be delayed due to a water main break… AND your kindergarten daughter is so sloth-like in her morning routine that you might be able to run a 5k before she ever gets dressed… AND your teenager is rushing around … More Left Behind

The Big Fix

Humor is essential to a happy and balanced life. I always dreamed of having three kids.  As an only child, having kids, plural, was important to me.  And as an adoptee, I always wanted to have more than one person in my life with a biological connection.  For those reasons, the thought of getting “spayed” … More The Big Fix

Mamacita & Snail Night

Many of you have heard me mention how closely my oldest child and my best friend from high school resemble each other… and yet another similarity… the attempt at Spanish when addressing someone… namely me (although bestie does this with other peeps too, I’m sure).  Angela refers to many of us as “chica.”  Abby, for … More Mamacita & Snail Night

Happy Halloween 2017

I loved Halloween as a kid.  Choosing just the right costume.  Parades at school.  And, of course, the candy. I fully expected to love Halloween even more when I had kids.  I mean, what’s not to love?  More costumes.  More parades.  And more candy.  Except, those fun things would morph into unnecessary and dreaded stress.  … More Happy Halloween 2017

Plugging In

Serving has always been important to me.  And being part of a church family has always made serving easy for me in the past.  When we lived in Raleigh, I found great joy in the time I spent serving others in our church. When we moved to Erie, it took a while to find a … More Plugging In