Plugging In

Serving has always been important to me.  And being part of a church family has always made serving easy for me in the past.  When we lived in Raleigh, I found great joy in the time I spent serving others in our church. When we moved to Erie, it took a while to find a … More Plugging In

Thanksgiving 2015

This year’s Thanksgiving was a little less rigid as years past.  Typically, I will have a plan for everything well before the big day.  That plan will include when ingredients will be assembled, the dish used, the time in the oven (with a single oven, there is a constant rotation of things in and out), … More Thanksgiving 2015

Halloween 2015

(Yes, I know this post is very, very late.) Our Halloween festivities took place over two nights this year. Abby’s first middle school dance was Friday night.  She wanted to be a Homecoming Queen.  I didn’t argue because that means we get multiple wears out of the dress…church, school, family pictures…and the shoes. She had … More Halloween 2015

Tiny Little Pray-er

Ever since Abby was a baby, we’ve said the following prayer before family meals: God is great.  God is good.  Let us thank Him for our food.  By His hands, we are fed.   Give us Lord our daily bread.  Amen. Of course, we do ad-lib at the end too.  Katie has taken great pride … More Tiny Little Pray-er

Summer of 2015

Summer is winding down.  This may actually be the first summer in recent memory that I’m not thrilled the season is nearly over.  (Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone.  This is totally out of character for me.)  I am a huge fan of the Erie summer.  I don’t sweat every morning as I step out the door. … More Summer of 2015

Fleeting baby days

Over the weekend, we decided to go ahead and bite the bullet.  Jeb’s luxurious locks were in desperate need of a trim (his first real haircut).  The poor guy had no clue what was going on.  We strapped him in his highchair and proceeded to trimming with the help of clippers and the longest guard we … More Fleeting baby days