I Finally Miss Raleigh

I still love Erie.  The people.  The city.  The weather.  The nature.  The culture.  The atmosphere.  The location.  I love it all. But today, I miss Raleigh.  The healthcare.  (Yes, I miss my people too…but among 1 million+ people, my own people were a very small drop in the bucket.) I obviously took for granted (for … More I Finally Miss Raleigh

Putting Myself First

I’ll be the first to reluctantly admit that I tend to think about myself last.  That isn’t a plug for myself as selfless or humble or anything like that.  It’s admitting a character flaw.  The past few months have reminded me there can be consequences for not taking care of yourself. About a month ago, I woke up … More Putting Myself First

Another Month Gone?

Ok, really, where has the year gone?  I’ve been terribly slack in my blog posts.  (<– That is an understatement.) But, good grief…it’s almost April? This balancing bit sure doesn’t get easier as I get older (or my kids get older).  Yeah, yeah, I signed up for this whole, “go back to school and better yourself,” … More Another Month Gone?

The Doctor is In

We have had a couple of bad experiences at the pediatrician recently. Nothing bad from the docs, but just a low level of customer service. (It shouldn’t take over 90 minutes for a well child visit and vaccines. I also shouldn’t have to worry that the appointment we made on the phone this morning didn’t … More The Doctor is In