Easy Banana Cookies

When it comes to baking (and cooking and just about every other “domestic” activity in my life), I love easy.  In fact, I’m constantly looking for any way I can make my already crazy life a little easier. When I bought some bananas (and chocolate chips) last week, I had grand visions of baking some banana … More Easy Banana Cookies

Still No Regrets

When life seems to be full of challenge and opportunity (see Dad, I did listen), many of us question the path that led us to those challenges and opportunities.  Either internally or through conversations with family and friends, the question inevitably comes up, “do you regret it?”  I can honestly say I have no regrets. … More Still No Regrets

Being a Statistic

Nobody ever wants to be “just a number.”  We want to have a face.  And a voice.  We want to be known and heard and seen and understood. And yet, each of us (and our situations) can easily be turned into “just a number” as we become 1 in a sea of many.  In other … More Being a Statistic

The Century Mark

I hopped on the scale this morning and I did a happy dance.  As of today, I’ve lost one. hundred. pounds.  One-zero-zero.  Just over six months ago, that was a mere dream.  A wishful thought.  My doctor cautioned me on setting an overall goal, “the average person will lose about 60-70% of their excess weight.” … More The Century Mark