The Mourning After

Politics was always a part of my childhood.  My dad talked about it and engaged me in the conversations.  I thank him for that… and for raising me as politically aware.  Mike and I are trying to do the same thing for our children. Admittedly, I’m disappointed in the outcome of the 2016 Presidential Election. … More The Mourning After

One Month Milestone

Today marked one month post-surgery. 7/18/16 – 274 lbs; 4.8% lost since surgery 8/11/16 – 263 lbs; 8.2% lost since surgery Confession first: I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with the scale since coming home from the hospital.  For a while (a few weeks), I was literally stepping onto the scale daily.  Bad, bad Phyllis.  (I … More One Month Milestone

Fluffy Eggs

Diet Phase: Pureed Protein: 15 grams Ingredients: 1 large egg 2 tablespoons 1% or skim milk 1 tablespoon non-fat dry instant milk 1/4 cup 2% Shredded Cheddar Cheese Cooking spray Salt (optional) Instructions: Combine liquid milk and dry milk, stirring until lump free. Stir in 1 egg.  Mix well. Spray pan with cooking spray. Pour … More Fluffy Eggs

You Are What You Eat

Protein. Protein. Protein.  I’ve heard that word at least a thousand times since embarking on the bariatric surgery journey, and that’s problem a low estimate. For the past two weeks since my surgery, I’ve been faithfully drinking 2 Premier Protein shakes a day.  I chose Premier because I can drink an 11 ounce pre-made shake … More You Are What You Eat